Michael Joanou

To: Jimenez Demolition, Inc.
From: Michael Joanou

My name is Michael Joanou & I am the President & CEO of Hero Construction Corporation located in Burbank, California. We do medium to large scale commercial & residential projects in the Los Angeles & SFV areas. I first called Jimenez demolition 6 years ago to get a price for demolition on a commercial / residential project. Jose Jimenez the President of Jimenez demolition was prompt & his price was right so I awarded him the job. Him & his crew did the job; on time, professionally, cleanly & didn’t change the price. My first experience with Jimenez demolition was a success & profitable for my business not to mention pleasant & rewarding. I have used them on every single one of my projects since; for six years & they have never failed to perform at the same level of professionalism. Jose is a master at demolition, he knows the codes & practices safely & efficiently. I trust him 100% & I would never use anyone else for my demolition, tear out or debris clean-up & hauling.


Michael Joanou
President & CEO
Hero Construction Corporation